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We all know the United States healthcare system is tremendously flawed. We need to fix the system, but we can’t seem to make meaningful progress in a way that actually improves health and controls costs. Seger Morris offers a unique perspective combining the lens of a citizen who grew up in the lower-middle class but with a family of private practice physicians, the lens of an internal medicine physician and educator, the lens of a dedicated advocate for the osteopathic profession and the patients they serve, and the lens of an experienced executive and leader in business, healthcare and professional advocacy. 


We frown upon the expensive bandaid approach of the Affordable Care Act and Medicare For All, and we certainly know you won’t always agree with our principles and positions. But disagreement and healthy debate is how we learn, grow, and improve. We seek meaningful solutions for the flaws that are the root causes of our healthcare system, not the quick fixes that buy votes. 


Join us for enlightening, unique, and sometimes contrarian discussion on healthcare reform.

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