Join me and other physicians and medical students in our quest to get what we want in our personal and professional lives.Ā 

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Seger S. Morris, DO, MBA leverages diverse education, training, and experiences in the clinical, academic, and business aspects of medicine to help medical students and early career physicians get what they want in their personal and professional lives.


Seger S. Morris, DO, MBA has earned acclaim as an engagingĀ speaker, making a significant impact at both regional and national medical conferences. Medical students, postdoctoral trainees, and practicing physicians enjoy engaging and insightful presentations and workshops highlighting the following themes:

  • Ageism and Physician Leadership
  • Healthcare Policy and Futurism
  • Physician Compensation
  • Clinical Internal Medicine
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Seger S. Morris, DO, MBA, is an experienced operational leader in hospitalist and ambulatory internal medicine practices, clinical documentation integrity, healthcare quality and safety, and both undergraduate and graduate medical education. He provides consulting expertise in the following areas:

  • Graduate Medical Education Program Development
  • Organizational Transformation and Integration of Medical Education
  • Systems Based Practice Education in Medical Education Programs
  • Health Policy Curricula Development and Integration
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Seger S. Morris, DO, MBA is a physician leader who is passionate about paying it forward through peer to peer coaching, with an emphasis on early career physicians. Physicians make difficult decisions in how they prioritize their time, and it's often the guilt of those choices that leads to burnout or depression. SegerĀ believes work/life balance sets the wrong goal, so he developed a coaching model that promotes synergy across all elements of life, helping you leverage your passions, strengths, and training to help you get what you want from your personal and professional life. Now partnering with the following:

  • Early Career Physicians
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Seger S. Morris, DO, MBA, is an experienced Internal Medicine physician, proficient in both ambulatory and inpatient settings. He currently servesĀ as the Division Chief of Mississippi Internal Medicine Programs and Chief of Mississippi Program Development for Baptist Memorial Medical Education, and is an Academic Hospitalist for SCP Health at Baptist North Mississippi. Given his current responsibilities, he is not actively pursuing clinical opportunities at this time.


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